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Whippet Border Collie Mix Dog

That said, Collie Whips typically take the colors of Border Collies and the physique of Whippets. Whollies are considered small-sized dogs, weighing an average of 25 to 55 pounds and standing at 18 to 22 inches high. They have an athletic build, an average of the Border Collie's short, stockier body, and the Whippet's tall, leaner physique.

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The Border Collie and Whippet cross is adaptable to various living situations, whether in a spacious suburban home or a cozy apartment, as long as their exercise and mental stimulation needs are met. Children and Other Pets. Whipollies are generally good with children and other pets when properly socialized. However, supervision is essential.

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Find out more about the Whippet Border Collie mix in my detailed guide. Whippet Boxer Mix - Boxerwhip. A strong and muscular, short-coated crossbreed, the Boxerwhip has bags of charm and bags of energy and is always ready for playtime!. The Daschund Whippet cross has a beautiful silky coat and the combined adorable features of these two.

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A Whippet Border Collie cross, often referred to as a Whippollie or a Border Whippet, is a hybrid dog breed that is created by crossing a purebred Whippet with a purebred Border Collie. This intentional breeding aims to combine the desirable traits of both breeds, resulting in a unique companion that exhibits characteristics from each parent.

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The Whippet Border Collie Mix A Detailed Guide to Collie Whips

The Whippet Border-Collie Mix is one such crossbreed that has recently gained popularity. Combining two highly intelligent and active breeds, this crossbreed quickly becomes a favorite among dog lovers. The Whippet-Border Collie mix is a perfect combination of the Whippet's speed and agility and the Border Collie's intelligence and work ethic.

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Breeds: Border Collie & Corgi. The Borgi will measure between 10 to 21 inches tall, weigh between 30 to 40 pounds, and be a medium-sized breed. He will usually take the long and squat body shape of the Corgi, but with the Collie coat and coloring, his large ears and cheeky smile will be his signature features.

Floss Large Female Border Collie x Whippet Mix Dog in NSW PetRescue

The Whippet Border Collie Mix, also affectionately called a Whollie, is a highly intelligent, adaptable, loving dog that makes a wonderful family pet. Mixed breeds always provide more possibilities than purebred dogs because you can get something like either parent or an interesting mix of the two.

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Border Collie Whippet Mix, called a Lurcher. by: Teri Draper. I have a rescued Border Collie Whippet mix, known as a Lurcher. She was rescued from Oklahoma as a street dog with a litter of puppies, and sent to a Shelter in Denver. When I got her, all of her puppies had been taken away at the same time, leaving her in a deep depression, fearful.

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Whippet Border Collie Cross May 2, 2020 add comment The History of the Whippet Cross Collie Breed Whippets are known for being massive, solid, skinny dogs that love running around a massive field and hunting with their owners.

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The Whippet Border Collie Mix: Everything You Need To Know In modern times, the call for mixed breeds is certainly increasing, with more and more people looking for a combination of their favorite dog breeds - not to mention a unique, well mannered addition to their family home.

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A Whippet Border Collie Mix, commonly known as a "Lurcher", is an interesting mix of speed, intelligence, and grace. This hybrid breed offers a delightful blend of the Whippet's agility and the Border Collie's intelligence. Let's explore further into this captivating mix.

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A Border Collie/Whippet mix (also called "collie whips", whippet collies" or "whollies") typically has the colors of a Border Collie and the physique of a Whippet. However, appearance often depends on the parents' genes and it really is the luck of the draw as to what your 'collie whip' will look like.

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The Border Collie is a shepherd, historically bred as a working dog to herd livestock. In this post I'm going to discuss Whippet Border Collie mixes by focusing on the following areas: Table of Contents Whippet Border Collie Mix Appearance Temperament Health Exercise & Care Whippet Border Collie Images from Instagram Summary

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Collie Whip: Whippet Border Collie Mix German Whippet: German Shepherd Whippet Mix Golden Whippet: Golden Retriever Whippet Mix Grey Whippet: Greyhound Whippet Mix Hippet: Siberian Husky Whippet Mix Italian Whippet: Whippet Italian Greyhound Mix Jackwhip: Jack Russell Terrier Whippet Mix Pippet: American Pitbull Terrier Whippet Mix

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Also called collie whips, whippet border collie mixes are dogs produced by breeding purebred collies and whippets. These crosses are expected to be more intelligent than whippets due to their border collie parent. Professor Coren Stanley described the collies as the most intelligent dogs in the canine family. The whippets came the 50th on his list.