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When everyone is ready to play, they should double high-five three times over the centre of the board while yelling, "3,2,1. Sling!" The players then shoot their pucks simultaneously, hurling them as quickly as they can through the gate to the opposing team's side using the elastic band. The first person to clear their side of the board wins!

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The Sling Puck game is one of the popular board games, played by people across the globe for a fun and immersive gameplay experience. By nature, it is a fast-paced action game, wherein you have to place your pucks on the other side of the board before your opponent player places them on your side.

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Fast Sling Puck is a board game with the goal of clearing all of the pucks on your side by slinging them with an elastic to the opposing side. The origin of this game dates back to before it gained popularity in 2020 mainly through social media videos of people playing the game.

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Step 6: Play On. Rules. Each player has 5 coins at the start. Both players have to sling all their pucks on the other side. If the puck goes out, it lands back with the the player, who shot it out. The first one to get rid of all pucks is the winner. Play this game with your friends and kids,

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BUY NOW Contact USD Check out Continue shopping Each player puts 5 pucks on their side. The game is played with one hand. Use the elastic to fire the pucks to the other side of the board. Only one puck is moved at a time. Slide both ends of the elastic band into the side grooves so that they snap into place.

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SlingPuck is a fast-paced game where 2 players compete by firing pucks to the opponents side. The first player with no pucks on his side Win. Game On ! I want one Forget about all others board games, here is why. Fun Game As soon as you start playing, feel the competition and the urge to win with this fast-paced board game. Pleasant to watch

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6.1 SlingPuck (2020) Fast-paced dexterity game for 2 players. 64 Rating s & 12 Comment s · GeekBuddy Analysis 2 Players Community: (no votes) Time: -- (Not provided by publisher) Age: -- (Not provided by publisher) Community: 5+ Weight: 1.00 / 5 'Complexity' Rating Alternate Names The Fast Slingpuck, Soccer Bouncing Chess + 3 more

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It's a fast-paced action game where the first player to clear their side of game pucks is the winner. Specifications. Try to balance speed and accuracy as you race to sling you disks through the center hole to be the winner. Solid wood tabletop construction. Sets up and stows in seconds. Family Fun! Ideal for adults and children to enjoy together.