Peter Brock’s last racing Commodore is for sale

For sale Peter Brock’s rarest car, the HDT Monza, the only one of its kind in Australia

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Peter Brock's championshipwinning 1980 Holden VB Commodore to be auctioned Drive

Peter Brock is strapped to his racing seat by a five-point harness. In the gutted cockpit, he's surrounded by a geeky paradise of analog gauges and rocker switches poking out of a black-crinkle.

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Case in point: Australian racing legend Peter Brock. For one of Australia's biggest names in racing, the decision to go full New Age in the late 1980s proved so costly that it not only ended.

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Peter Geoffrey Brock AM (26 February 1945 - 8 September 2006), known as " Peter Perfect ", [3] " The King of the Mountain ", or simply " Brocky ", was an Australian motor racing driver.

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Almost 15 years after the death of legendary Australian race car driver Peter Brock, his son, Robert, is looking for the "right place" to spread his portion of his father's ashes. Key points: Son of race car driver Peter Brock is considering three places to spread his father's ashes

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Why Designer Peter Brock Is the Master of Motorsports The American Speed Festival is honoring Brock for designing the Shelby Daytona Cobra, helping shape the C2 Corvette, and for his long.

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Brock's fame took off in the early 1970s. "Peter was starting to get a big head," says Tate. "He was married to a Miss Australia, and he was Mister Australia, and he was very difficult to get on with.". One outcome was that in 1974 Holden decided it could no longer tolerate him as the face of their 'works' team.

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Key points: Peter Brock was killed in a crash during the Targa West Rally in Western Australia in 2006 Friend Peter Champion once had Australia's largest collection of Brock cars before selling 26 of them in 2017 to a private buyer Fifteen years after the racing legend's death, Champion only has one race car in his collection

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Peter Elbert Brock, a name resonating with automotive innovation, found his fervor for automobiles kindled amidst the scenic vistas of Sausalito, Northern California. From the acquisition of his first 1949 MG at the age of 16, his fascination with cars burgeoned, setting ablaze a passion for customization and the adrenaline rush of racing.

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Aerovault began in 2008 when world renowned automotive designer Peter Brock was looking for a car trailer for his own use. Shaking his head as he looked at the options he exclaimed: "Why doesn't anyone in the trailer industry understand aerodynamics?!"


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Peter Brock, the Legendary Designer of the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe September 6, 2017 / Interviews / By Jennifer Harrington With the experience of designing cars for General Motors and Shelby America and working with Japanese manufacturers, Peter Brock and his designs have become influential throughout the automotive industry.

Peter Brock’s last racing Commodore is for sale

Peter Elbert Brock (named Elbert after his grandfather E. J. Hall, co-designer of the Liberty L-12 engine and co-founder of Hall-Scott Motor Car Company) grew up primarily in the Sausalito area of northern California. When he was 16 years old he saved up to buy a 1949 MG from the back of the shop where he worked.

Peter Brock's championshipwinning 1980 Holden VB Commodore to be auctioned Drive

240 Share 24K views 1 year ago Peter Brock was killed on September 8, 2006, when the car he was driving, a Daytona Coupe, crashed into a tree during the Targa West Rally in Western Australia..

Peter Brock's BathurstWinning Commodore Is Now Oz's Most Expensive Ever Car GQ

How pioneering designer Peter Brock improved on his original Cobra Coupe Posted June 26, 2019 Story and Photos by Steve Temple Any list of iconic cars from the '60s would likely place the Corvette split-window coupe and Cobra Daytona Coupe at or near the top of the list.

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Everybody was, "Oh, Ferrari," which was all the big deal. Peter Brock's original 1957 sketch for XP-87, Bill Mitchell's Sting Ray Courtesy Peter Brock. The most important thing was, Ford had just shown up with the new GT40, and the world was falling over themselves. This was going to be the hottest, fastest, most wonderful car in the world.